The membership year will be from November 1 of one year to October 31 of the succeeding year. All memberships shall be subject to the annual payment of dues, as set forth by the Board of Directors, except Life and Honorary Members. 

Current dues: $35.00. This includes membership in the Southeastern Association of School Business Officials. (SASBO)

Contact: Maryanne Durski (615-419-1605) regarding membership

There are two types of membership in the association: (1) voting and (2) non voting.


Voting Members


Active Member shall be one who is employed by and on the full time payroll of a public, private, separate, or parochial school, school district, college or university, or state department of education.

School Member shall be a governing board, board of education, etc. that subscribes for a group membership, with the understanding that a representative who is eligible for membership in TASBO shall be designated to exercise the rights and privileges of a School Member.

Life Member shall be one who has served as an active member for a minimum of ten years and who at the time of application is actively employed in the field of school administration and upon payment of the sum as specified by the Association.



Educational Associate Member shall be a school board member or an individual employed in the profession who does not qualify for voting membership.

Student Member shall be a college or university student enrolled in school business management or educational administration classes.

Business Associate Member shall be an individual, commercially interested in the field of school business management, or other business related professionals.  

Emeritus Member shall be an active or life member who has: (1) reached retirement age; or (2) departed the field of school business management for another vocation after a minimum TASBO membership of fifteen years.

Honorary Member shall be one who has distinguished himself in public or professional service; and who is elected by the Board.  All Past-Presidents shall be honorary members.