• To promulgate and establish the highest standards of ethics and efficiency in business methods and practices for schools, and to make these freely available to its members and the interested public.

  • To engage in a program of professional development and improvement of persons carrying on activities in the field of school administration for the benefit of schools and school systems.

  • To conduct, sponsor, or join with others in conducting or sponsoring research concerning school business management and administration of schools.

  • To make the results of the research projects and studies undertaken, sponsored, or supported by the Tennessee Association of School Business Officials freely available to members of the interested public in a professional and ethical manner.

  • To cooperate with various educational associations and with governmental organizations including federal, state, and instrumentalities of either, in developing and improving school business management and administration.

  • To cooperate with and to promote membership and participation in the Association of School Business Officials International and the Southeastern Association of School Business Officials.

TASBO Conference

The annual conference attracts over 500 school business officials and other school business personnel from across Tennessee and hosts in excess of 50 exhibitors each year.

History of TASBO

In 1965, John Freeman, Assistant Superintendent, Business Affairs, Bob Davis, Director of Accounting, and Pat Wills, Director of Purchasing and Warehousing, all from Memphis City Schools, attended the ASBO Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

During that conference, the three of them met with Jim McCullough, Assistant Superintendent for Business Affairs for the Chattanooga School System, and discussed the feasibility of forming a state organization.  The original idea was that a state organization would be of benefit to all school business people in the state, so that additional resources could be made available.  They all considered it a good idea. 

In 1966, at the Tennessee Superintendent's Conference in Gatlinburg, twenty-two business officials met at the Mountain View Hotel and put together the details of the organization, which would become known as the Tennessee Association of School Business Officials (TASBO).

The next year, 1967, the first annual convention of TASBO was held at the Holiday Inn in Columbia, Tennessee, with the following officers:

James D. McCullough, President

John P. Freeman, President Elect

Randell L. Jewell, Secretary/Treasurer

Robert E. Davis, Director (1 Year)

John K. Butler, Director (2 Years)

James M. Colmey, Director, (3 Years)

The first three conferences were held in Columbia, Jackson and Cleveland.  In 1969, the membership voted at the Cleveland conference to start rotating between the large cities of Knoxville (East TN), Nashville (Middle TN) and Memphis (West TN).  This was done until 1977, when Chattanooga was added to the rotation.

The TASBO Distinguished Service Award was added at the 1970 conference in Nashville.  Commissioner J. Howard Warf receive the first award, and it has been presented each year since.  The conference has grown to attract over 500 school business officials and other school business personnel from across Tennessee and hosts in excess of 50 exhibitors each year.

In 2010 the TASBO Distinguished Service Award was changed to the James D. McCullough Distinguish Service Award in honor of the first president of TASBO and the second recipient of the award.


Zach T. Boyd A.C. Hutson, Jr.
Alvin H. Brown Randell L. Jewell
John K. Butler Victor M. Johnson
Charles C. Collins James D. McCullough
James M. Colmey H. Claude Moore
C.M. Dougherty Delbert S. Nowell
Robert E. Davis Andy Smith
Thomas E. Elliot Don R. Thomsen
John P. Freeman T. B. Webb
Kimble Gooden James P. Whitlock
Pat Wills
History contributed by Pat Wills and Weldon Heath.



James D. McCullough
Chattanooga City (Retired)



The award recognizes members who have provided exemplary service to TASBO and is awarded annually by the TASBO Board of Directors.

1970 J. Howard Warf State Department
1971 James D. McCullough Chattanooga City
1972 Andy C. Hutson Knoxville City
1973 T.B. Webb State Department
1974 Mildred Doyle Knox County
1975 John P. Freeman Memphis City
1976 Claude Wright State Department
1977 Delbert Nowell Metro Nashville
1978 E. Ray Holt Memphis City
1979 Joel Shore State Department
1980 Pat Wills Memphis City
1981 Thomas McAnulty CTAS
1982 Weldon Heath State Department
1983 William Neblette Chattanooga City
1984 Douglas Weiland Clarksville-Montgomery
1985 George Whedbee Knox County
1986 J.Richard Walker Memphis City
1987 Millie Davis State Department
1988 John Younger Metro Nashville
1989 Walton Peace State Department
1990 Paul Ackerman State Department
1991 Edward M. Taylor Metro Nashville
1992 Robert Smith Hamilton County
1993 Earnest Farmer State Department
1994 Martin Wright Sullivan County
1995 John Meeks Shelby County
1996 Harold Waldon Shelby County
1997 Norma Jones Memphis City
1998 Diane Griffin Sullivan County
1999 Dennis Hirsch Memphis City
2000 Bob Lassiter Memphis City
2001 Joann Dugan Hamilton County
2002 Roger Underwood Knox County
2003 Jim Jones State Department
2004 Leon Rash Hamilton County
2005 Bobby Palmer State Department
2006 David Huss Obion County
2007 Sarah Moody Sullivan County
2008 Donnie Cardwell Metro Nashville
2009 Joe Anderson Shelby County
2010 Chris Henson Metro Nashville
2011 Maryanne Durski State Department
2012 Colette Arnold Manchester City
2013 Jeanie Mowery Lenoir City
2014 Karen King Sevier County
2015 Tom Rutledge Manchester City
2016 Jodie Curtis Hardin County
  Dot Runyan Meigs County
2017 Jeff Sandvig Rutherford County
2018 Anita Hays Collierville City
2019 Lisa Higgs Hardeman County
2020 Pam Jones Lebanon Special Schools
2021 Scott Rhea Clinton City Schools
2022 Selena Coker Alcoa City Schools
2023 Ellen Lipe Greeneville City Schools



1966-67 James D. McCullough* Columbia
1967-68 John P. Freeman * Cleveland
1968-69 Billy Evans * Jackson
1969-70 Delbert Nowell * Nashville
1970-71 Claude Wright * Knoxville
1971-72 W.I. Harvey * Memphis
1972-73 Thomas McAnulty Nashville
1973-74 C.M. Dougherty * Knoxville
1974-75 E. Ray Holt * Memphis
1975-76 Robert Morgan Nashville
1976-77 William Neblette Chattanooga
1977-78 Michael Pentecost Memphis
1978-79 Willie P. Osborne * Knoxville
1979-80 Douglas Weiland Nashville
1980-81 Gary W. Land Chattanooga
1981-82 J. Richard Walker * Memphis
1982-83 George Whedbee* Knoxville
1983-84 John Younger Nashville
1984-85 Jack Conner * Chattanooga
1985-86 Marilyn Harrison Memphis
1986-87 Jerry E. Wise * Knoxville
1987-88 Edward M. Taylor Nashville
1988-89 Robert Smith Chattanooga
1989-90 J. Harold Waldon Memphis
1990-91 Patsy Noland Gatlinburg
1991-92 Ray Woodall Nashville
1992-93 John E. Meeks * Memphis
1993-94 Roger Underwood Knoxville
1994-95 Edith P. Jordan Nashville
1995-96 Leon Rash Chattanooga
1996-97 Ernest Carter Memphis
1997-98 Dennis Hirsch Memphis
1998-99 Faye Elam Nashville
1999-00 Richard Hummel Chattanooga
2000-01 Phillip Jackson Memphis
2001-02 Bobbie Davis Knoxville
2002-03 Chris Henson Nashville
2003-04 Christie Jordan Chattanooga
2004-05 Joe Anderson Memphis
2005-06 Diane Frank Pigeon Forge
2006-07 Maryanne Durski Nashville
2007-08 Ron Woody UT-CTAS
2008-09 Joe Anderson Memphis
2009-10 Jeanie Mowery Sevierville
2010-11 Colette Arnold Murfreesboro
2011-12 Donnie Cardwell Murfreesboro
2012-13 Pam Jones Murfreesboro
2013-14 Becky Adams Murfreesboro
2014-15 Jeff Sandvig Murfreesboro
2015-16 Traci Bryant Murfreesboro
2016-17 Anita Hays Murfreesboro
2017-18 Lisa Higgs Murfreesboro
2018-19 Scott Rhea Murfreesboro
2019-20 Selena Coker Virtual
2020-21 Selena Coker Murfreesboro
2021-22 Ellen Lipe Murfreesboro
2022-23 Scott Bolton Murfreesboro


* Deceased